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Superior’s history with terrazzo dates back to the 1950s.  Superior installed the tile and stone in the majority of the initial Bart Stations throughout the Bay Area, and joint ventured with a number of terrazzo specialists to complete the platforms, stairs and entries. Today Superior is directly responsible for the terrazzo installations in a number of schools, hotel/casinos, federal court houses, hospitals, office buildings and restaurants.

Consistent with Superior’s philosophy, all terrazzo is installed pursuant the most demanding specifications. Every installation is performed by Superior’s Master Craftsmen – each of whom is trained in the old world techniques of yesterday and the high-tech installation processes of today.

Statistics compiled by trade groups and industry experts confirm time and again the substantial benefit derived from the life cycle cost of terrazzo.
Cost matrix
*Includes initial cost, replacement cost and maintenance

Design Assistance

Click here for a terrazzo color pallet to help stimulate the design process by considering the unlimited combination of colors and aggregates available in terrazzo.

Contact Superior for assistance with your custom color design. Samples are provided at no charge to the design community.